1.Entertainment-British/American music/films (choose three).

2.Most famous American president (choose three).

3.Different kinds of houses (your dream house).

4.The Royal Family.

5.Easter in UK/US.

6.Christmas in UK/US.

7.Halloween in UK/US.

8.Thanksgiving in UK/US.

9.Schools in UK/US.

10.                Famous people in UK/US.

11.                Polonia in US.

12.                Different kinds of sport popular in the USA/ UK.

13.                Healthy food/fast food.

14.                Different species of animals (your most and least favourite).

15.                Most/least favourite subjects at school.

16.                Clothes/fashion (your likes and dislikes).

17.                Famous American/British inventors (choose three).

18.                  My family.

19.                 My typical day.

20.                 My hobbies.

21.                 My last holidays.

22.                  Seasons of the year and the weather in Poland.

23.                Polish festivals and holidays.

24.                London and its sights (choose three).

25.                Famous sights in the USA (choose three).

26.                My favourite book.

27.                My favourite film.

28.                Describe your school.

29.                Give a recipe for your favourite dish.

30.                What''s your favourite place in Poland?

31.                 Describe the best holiday you have ever had.